Here we go

Another part of this journey.

I wish I could just hide in my workshop and make jewellery, but this is not quite how the world works. 

After years of talking about it, it is finally here. My new website. I am delighted by all the fabulous work put into this project by the team of, who not only built this website for me, but also assisted with creating a brand design for my business that I truly can identify with as well a great new logo.

In the next couple of weeks and month I will have to get used to having a website and using it. Be patient with me, as I said I love hiding with my tools behind my work bench. 

To mark this occasion we like to invite you to The Boat Yard Gallery at the 10th February 2018 at 4pm -6pm for a little get together. Looking forward seeing you.

Event Flyer2.jpg
Casúr Óir